Capital of Chaos

Our government is in meltdown and the United Kingdom less united than ever.

Brexit, which propelled our current Prime Minister to power, was all about 'taking back control'. 

However, with lorries clogging the roads of the south coast, pending customs checks, staffing crises in our health and care sectors, and rocketing fuel and food prices, this golden promise rings hollow.

We live in times of chaos. But this is not unprecedented in the rich and varied history of our island nation. Join Mr Londoner for an adventure through our captal city to explore tumultuous times of the past. From Henry VIII's break with Rome to George III's disasterous war with America, we will discover the rogues and rascals in charge in bygone eras, the chaos and confusion they caused, and how these turf wars have shaped the UK we know today.   

This is a private tour - unlike any other - for groups of up to 15 people. For more information: Please call me on 07725 617883, email or message me via Insta or Twitter @meetmrlondoner.