The Sustainable City

The Mayor of London has committed our city to reaching Net Zero by 2030. And many London boroughs have declared a climate emergency. How should we tackle the climate change - the biggest issue facing our times? How can ordinary people do their own bit in a meaningful way in the face of such a massive threat to life on our planet? And does economic prosperity and growth have to come at the expense of the environment?

Many boroughs - especially those in the north and the east of the capital - have embraced more active and sustainable forms of transport. We need to get out of our cars and walk and cycle more. But this requires not just new infrastucture but a change of mindset.  

Join mr Londoner on foot or on two wheels to discover some unexpectedly beautiful green spaces. At the same time we'll explore some of the policy approaches  - like the idea a '15-minute city' - that might help us all enjoy a healthier - and more local - way of living in newly re-imagined low-carbon neighbourhoods.

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