and Making

Enjoy a journey around sartorial London - the ancestral home of the three-piece suit. On this tour we reveal the secrets of tailors, shoemakers and jewellers still hard at work in the heart of our ancient city.

Fashion's a passion. I'm a menswear specialist. I love to showcase quality products made in Britain. The three-piece suit was invented right here in London - developed from equestrian wear, which itself evolved from military uniform. 

Let me talk you through that fascinating story as we tour round Savile Row, Piccadilly and Jermyn Street. The popularity of Netflix hits like Peaky Blinders, Downton Abbey and the Crown has increased interest in British heritage clothing.

I focus on small and independent artisan brands, often located in unusual and off-the-beaten-track places. I can open the doors to bespoke family tailors, specialist shoe makers like Joseph Cheney and Sons, heritage workwear brands or small-scale quality tie makers like Shaun Gordon. We also explore the stories behind the prestigious labels of those international brands.

At the other end of the spectrum, craft and making is coming back to the capital. We could pay a visit to independent Soho jeweller Joy Everley. Aternatively, we could head over the river to the Goodlife Centre in Bankside and see traditional woodworking skills being taught to a new generation.