Vintage fashion is my passion. I've always loved it. The world however has caught up with me - with the arrival of Peaky Blinders, the Crown and Downtown Abbey. These Netflix hits have spurred a renaissance in those exquisite and beautifully-made fashions of yesteryear.

In an age of mass consumption, and with the social and environmental impacts of the fashion industry very much in the spotlight, consumers are starting to seek something different. Crafting, re-using and buying second-hand is enjoying a ressurgence. 

London is a great place for the creative and ethical shopper. Vintage fashion never went out of fashion of course and the city is a great source of rare finds. You need to know where to look however and this is becoming a bit harder. Specialist shops struggle to compete on the high street and E-Bay has taken much of the trade online.

The good news is that I know all the best places. So let's explore the capital's finest vintage and charity stores. We can also visit some of the largest fashion archives and collections in the world and discover the story of the birth of the three-piece suit, right here in London.

It's all about the experience, right? So we can drop in to some of London's most immersive vintage events. Fancy a 1940s tea dance? a fare where vendors tout vintage wares from the backs of classic cars? or perhaps dipping into an exotic cocktail in a secret 1940s Soho speakeasy?

I can help get you there.